The first thing that you will notice when you come to my office is that you won't feel like you are in a law office.  My office is designed to make you feel at ease and at home.  I know that you have probably never been in a situation like this and you are probably feeling a little uneasy.

My assistant has been with me for six years and she has been a legal assistant since before I became a lawyer. I met her when she got her first legal job and I was applying for law school.

We have two short forms for you to fill out for our office and for your representation.  The first one is an information form to give us your contact information so that we may communicate with you by mail, phone and email. The second form is a request for a hearing to prevent the automatic suspension of your driver's license. This must be done within 15 days of your arrest. We provide this service to all who visit us. There is no charge for this service.

Next you will come into my office to sit and visit with me to talk about your situation.  I want to get to know you and about your case.  I will ask you questions about your arrest and the events leading up to your encounter with the police.  It is a detailed questioning that tells me everything I need to know to understand the particular facts of your case. This question and answer session will also help me to develop a defense to your charges. You are free to interrupt me and ask me any questions that you have.

After my questions, I will tell you everything I know about DWI law that will pertain to your case. I will discuss possible defenses that I see in your version of the case. I will also explain how DWI cases proceed through the court, I will tell you exactly what will be expected of you and how I intend to proceed with your defense.

I will fully explain the two prosecutions that you face: 1) defense of your driver's license and 2) defense of your DWI charges.  I will then explain to you all fees that I anticipate for your defense.  We will explore any payment options that you may need to fulfill your monetary obligations for my services.

At no time will I attempt to frighten or coerce you in any way to hire my office. Indeed I will encourage that you interview other attorneys so that you can compare the services that are offered.

You will be given a folder to take home with you. It will contain a brochure fully explaining all aspects of a DWI case for you to read and familiarize yourself with the process. It may also be helpful if you discuss your case with anyone so that you know exactly what you are looking at facing with a DWI charge. The folder also contains information and contacts for you to obtain a deep lung device, if it is required in your case, and SR-22 information should you require an occupational license during your case.  There is also a checklist for you to compare other attorneys with my unique qualifications to represent you in your case.

At the end of our meeting you will be given my personal cell phone number and the cell phone number of my assistant should you have questions after leaving our meeting.

My office offers the highest customer service of any attorney practicing criminal defense. Most of my clients come from referrals from my previous clients.

I know that you have a difficult decision in choosing a DWI lawyer. My promises to you are that 1) I will always tell you the truth about your case, good or bad and that 2) I will earn all of the fees that I charge you. Many times I discount my fees because some cases require less work than others.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please review my site for answers to most of your questions. Feel free to bring a list of questions with you to ask me during our meeting.

I wish you the best with your case and hope that you will consider visiting with me before you choose your attorney.

Christopher Hoover