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The decision to accept a plea bargain in a DWI case should be discussed with an experienced DWI defense attorney; every county and every city in Texas has different ways of determining DWI plea bargains; therefore, your DWI lawyer should explore all options available to you.

At the Law Office of Christopher N. Hoover in Dallas, Texas, we handle all types of DWI cases involving plea bargains, in Rockwall, Texas, Rockwall County, Dallas, Texas, Dallas County, Copper Canyon, Texas, Denton County, Edgecliff Village, Texas, Tarrant County, Lowry Crossing, Texas, Collin County, and various other cities surrounding those counties.

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How a Plea Bargain for DWI Helps to Protect Your Rights

The first order of business in a plea bargain for DWI is the negotiation process between the District Attorney's office (the prosecution) and the defense attorney (your attorney). If you decide to accept a plea bargain for DWI from the State, you are officially agreeing to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser punishment. By accepting a plea bargain, you are allowing the State to make a decision on your DWI case, rather than having a trial by jury.

With more than 25 years of experience and 100% focus on Texas DWI laws, in addition to lecturing other attorneys and legal professionals about the advancements and strategies being developed in all aspects of DWI laws nationwide, defense attorney Chris Hoover has the knowledge and experience to help anyone who is considering accepting a plea bargain for DWI.

Texas DWI defense attorney Chris Hoover has handled more than 500 DWI jury trial cases and has aggressively advocated the best possible plea bargain deals on behalf of his clients.

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