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People who are not eligible to have their criminal records cleared through expunction may be able to apply for a motion for non-disclosure in a DWI case, provided they complete a deferred adjudication probation program. With deferred adjudication, the Judge finds sufficient evidence to convict you, but postpones or defers a finding of guilt. If you successfully complete your probation the case is dismissed with no final conviction. There is a file that still remains on your records with a Motion for Non-Disclosure.  

At the Law Office of Christopher N. Hoover, located in Dallas, we represent clients in all motion for non-disclosure DWI cases. Unlike expunction, which erases your criminal record from public knowledge and virtually every law enforcement agency, a motion for non-disclosure seals your criminal record from the public but remains available to law enforcement agencies.

If you would like to learn more about how you can apply for motion for non-disclosure in your DWI case, contact the Law Office of Christopher N. Hoover in Dallas. Our law firm represents clients in the city of Rockwall, Texas, Rockwall County, Dallas, Texas, Dallas County including all cities in Denton County, Tarrant County, and Collin County, Texas. 

How to Qualify for Motion for Non-Disclosure – Texas DWI Attorney

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your DWI case, there may be a waiting period before you can file a motion for non-disclosure. For example, if a person decides to plead guilty to a lesser offense, such as obstruction of highway or reckless driving, they may have to wait until their DWI case is dismissed in exchange for punishment of a lesser criminal charge.

With more than 25 years of DWI defense experience, attorney Chris Hoover has focused 100% of his attention on providing clients with strong, aggressive DWI defense representation. He has handled more than 500 DWI jury trial cases with success, and he can help protect your rights.

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